• Instruments and systems
    for geotechnics,
    for the control of structures and
    environmental protection


Combining the most modern technology with the long experience of its technical staff, SIM STRUMENTI develops and manufactures special measurement instruments with the aim of solving in a personalized way the problem of geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental monitoring, in addition to the static and / or dynamic control of overlying structures.

SIM STRUMENTI is particularly specialized in:

  • Instrumentation for static and dynamic measurements on industrial plants
  • Instrumentation for on-site tests and load tests
  • Instrumentation for continuous monitoring of excavation and land consolidation work
  • Instrumentation and systems for level measurements and pollution of groundwater
  • Instrumentation and automatic systems for instrumental control of marine coasts
  • Monitoring of major works (roads, highways, dams, viaducts, aqueducts, etc.)
  • Instrumentation for load tests and acceptance tests
  • Environmental monitoring – acoustic and chemical
  • Instrumentation for continuous control of civil works

Beyond the standard instrumentation, SIM STRUMENTI designs and manufactures customized measurement instruments. The designers are available to customers for plant design and optimization of automatic systems. Finally, the technical office provides all the technical assistance necessary to guarantee the efficiency and reliability of surveys over time.

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