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Our story begins more than thirty years ago, when in 1985 Justin HandmanZ”L, after more than a decade of experience as a designer of geotechnical instrumentation, together with his wife Shoshana he decided to found his own company Elsim Srl.

The company begins to deal with the development of geotechnical instrumentation, designing both the mechanical and electronic parts of its products, increasingly moving towards the automation of monitoring systems.

The ever-growing demand creates new opportunities for staff expansion, so in 1987, still a student of mechanical engineering, Yeouda Busel he enters as a freelancer to deal with Elsim mechanical and shipbuilding design.

Systems automation


In 1990, Elsim is in charge of monitoring for the Caramanico landslide in Abruzzo and the work is entrusted to Yeouda Busel, who designs and builds the first Automated inclinometer system. The project is presented the year following the “First National Conference of Young Researchers in Applied Geology” of the University of Milan.

With this system, Elsim started the search for cutting-edge solutions to provide its customers with increasingly simple and reliable systems.  

Sim Strumenti

(1992 – today)

In 1992 the Handman family moved abroad closing the company. Yeouda Busel therefore takes the opportunity to continue Elsim’s work and opens the SIM STRUMENTI.
The objective does not change, with the continuous search for innovative solutions, to make monitoring in the geotechnical, structural and environmental fields ever easier and safer.

Today the SIM STRUMENTI deals with the design, development and production of monitoring tools and systems.
It supplies the sensors, data acquisition, transmission and processing systems, as well as management software.

During the years, theassistance has become an increasingly important factor in geotechnical monitoring and a strength of SIM STRUMENTI.
The customer is accompanied in all phases of monitoring: from the choice of the instrumentation, to the installation up to the operation phase.

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