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The horizontal inclinometer IN915 has been designed to check settlements and / or settlements in embankments or foundations.
Thanks to its high technical characteristics , the mechanical components taken care of and the advanced electronics, the IN915 inclinometer is a absolute efficiency and ease of use, which allows you to optimize the execution of site measurements without having to fill in endless data.
The inclinometer probe in stainless steel it consists of a central body which houses inside one or two sensors (mounted together at 180 °) and from two wheel-carrying trolleys for sliding the probe inside the tube. The probe pitch (distance between carts) is equal to 0,5mt. The inclinometer probe is supplied with a sturdy carrying case which also allows the presence of an eventual witness probe.
The electrical connection cable rolled onto a roll , comes with a watertight connector up to 50 bar e guarantees probe support in the positions provided during the measurements, thanks to the special kevlar core which gives the cable the important characteristic of inextensibility, guaranteeing reliability and precision in positioning at height for execution of the measure. The cable is also equipped with reference marks every half meter with a maximum error on the square footage of ±5cm/100m and an elongation (with a load of 20Kg) less than 0.05% of the nominal length.
The software INCLAB Manager and INCLAB Processing, which are supplied as standard with the INCLAB reading system, automatically detect measurements at the desired distance.
Upon request, SIM STRUMENTI provides:

  • a witness probe that allows you to probe the integrity of the tube before taking the measurement, avoiding the risk that the inclinometer probe is joints inside.
  • a drag cable, for moving the probe inside the inclinometer tube.
    If the tube is not reachable from both ends, it is possible to request a pulley placed in a watertight container and a protection tube, to be positioned parallel to the inclinometer tube, necessary for driving the probe.

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